How to Choose Your Favourite Fragrances

Hi, finally after few days of “coming soon”, here is my article on how to choose a suitable fragrance for yourself or maybe for your friends and family too!

I personally very into fragrances. It maybe because I love to smell great and I love branded stuffs *Don’t judge me*. However, I think fragrance is something very personal and unique. So, just go ahead to buy or make your own signature perfumes. You can make your own by using essential oils.

I used to work in a branded fragrances shop after form 6 for around six months while waiting for results and enter university. That is why I know many brands and I have my personal favourite brands.

Before I introduce the types of notes, here is a little information on common types of fragrances you may find in market. Please bear with my fragrances-most of them are flowery scents, because I like flowers.

Roses and Peony, so beautiful!(Online photo)
If only if I can grow roses and peonies in Malaysia (Online photo)

A) Eau de Cologne/Body Mist

The fragrance concentration is about 2%~4% and it lasts for 1~2 hours depending on the concentration and also your body chemistry with it.

Example of Eau de Cologne. This one I bought from Korea. You can find online if you feel interested to buy. 150ml around 6500 won. The smell is fresh and airy. My daily fragrance.
Another rose scent cologne-Red Roses Cologne by Jo Malone. I am craving it! Why craving? Because it is too expensive for me to own one. (Online photo)

B) Eau de Toilette

More concentrated than Eau de Cologne, which is around 5% to 15% of fragrance. It can last around 2~3 hours. However, a good quality EDT can last up to 5 hours, this is my personal experience with my Gucci Envy Me (Refer to picture below). I love to smell sexy. Hahahaha! Gucci Envy Me contains Peony and Roses scents, which are my top favourite.

Gucci Envy Me. My go to fragrance when I go out with friends for drinks or when I feel a little luxurious. LOL. I always buy the biggest bottle because it is cheapest. If you like to switch fragrances, buy 30ml or 50ml will do. I am more loyal type, so more is good. Please click this link if you want to know more about its notes.
Aqua Lily and Amazonian Wild Lily by The Body Shop. Even though they are EDT, I think their scents are considered as medium strong, especially Aqua Lily. I used them as daily fragrances too. For your information, Aqua Lily has been discontinued.
Gucci Guity EDT-A gift from my fragrance shop manager. The scent is very unique and it is suitable for night out. Sexy and elegant. Please check the notes here. It is floral oriental scent.

C) Eau de Parfum

There were customers requested for EDP once they stepped in the shop. Why is that so? Because it is the long lasting one (I do not say longest). In other words, it is the typical fragrance which can last longer and easy to find in the market.EDP has 15%~20% of fragrance with common lasting power for 4~5 hours.

I used Chloé EDP and It last two days on my skin. Yes! Your eyes are good, I said 2 days! That is why I always look for good quality fragrances even though they are pricey.

*Chloé EDP 75ml costs around RM500~RM600 in Malaysia in this moment and the price will increases every single year! OMG!*

My friend helped me to buy Chloe  in Singapore because it is cheaper! RM300 only, what a great deal! You can never get this price in Malaysia. You can check the notes here.

Honestly I did not like Chloé EDP because it is strong and fairy-tale-like-scent. Ya, I describe this scent as a fairy tale because when you inhale it, the imagination goes wild. If you never smell Chloé EDP beforejust imagine you pass by the teddy bear shop with heavy roses scent *I forget the shop name*.

But after few years, I start to glow my love to rose because rose is elegant yet with thorns, which resembles my personality. *Please don’t make the readers vomit, hahaha!*

Skin Scent by Round A Round. A pure powdery scent I found in Korea. It is the best seller. The Korean girls crazy about it.
The notes of Skin Scent. You may recreate it if you have these essential oils.
Fragrances from Calvin Klein. Euphoria EDP (Left), Endless Euphoria (bottom) and Obsession (right). All of them are EDP. I always joke with my mum. Obsession will be my fragrance when I reach 65 years old.

After the introduction of types of fragrance, I go straight to the important part – Fragrance family.

What is fragrance family? It is the scents you want – Floral? Oriental? Woody? Fresh or Fougère. It is hard to find pure fragrance from only one fragrance family. That is why we have floral-fruity, floral-oriental, floral-fresh, oriental-woody and etc. It is very important for you to try the scents first before you buy. Please do not feel cheated because you bought the fragrance after your first spray and when you were at home, you found out the fragrance smell differently!

That is because fragrances has three notes.

A) Top note – The first impression you get when you spray/roll on the fragrance on your skin. It will evaporate very soon.

B) Middle/Heart note – The main scent of the fragrances. It normally appear stronger after the top note evaporated. The popular heart note includes rose and jasmine.

C) Base Note – The base scent of the fragrance. It is richer and deep in scent. One of the most popular base note scent is musk. The chemistry between middle note scent and base note scent is the main scents of the fragrance.

The information below (fragrance house) is from You can read the articles from the website if you want further information.

A) Floral – It is straight to the point – Flower scents (lily, rose, lavender, peony, orchid, jasmine and etc).

In this group, it is divided into 3 sub-groups, which are (i) Floral; (ii) Soft Floral; (iii) Floral Oriental.

Example of Floral fragrance – Flora by Gucci EDT. It  is fruity-floral-fresh fragrance as it contain citrus.
Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet – Light fresh floral scent, a lot of Asians like it.
Eclat d’Arpege by Lanvin. A very fresh floral fragrance which I really love. I have introduced to one of my friends and she really loves it.
d&GRose The One
Another rose (floral) scent fragrance-D&G Rose The One. But I prefer The One (more fruity and vanilla scent)
Jo Malone – Peony & Blush Suede
One of the examples of Soft Floral – Hugo Boss Femme
Floral Oriental Scent – Poison by Dior

B) Oriental- Normally it has spices such as pepper, coriander, cinnamon and etc. *Smell like curry, lol*

The sub-groups are (i) Soft oriental; (ii) Oriental; (iii) Woody Oriental

Opium by YSL. Same like its name, very addictive. Best seller among older people.
Woody Oriental scent, Samsara by Guerlain – I like it as well.


Classic Oriental Scent. Normally Asian does not know how to appreciate a oriental scent. But I do like a few like this one – Shalimar by Guerlain

C) Woody- Smell like wood such as patchouli, amber, sandalwood and oakmoss. I think someone really suitable to wear it *You know who you are* , hahaha!

The sub-groups are (i) Wood; (ii) Mossy Wood; (iii) Dry Wood.

Miss Dior by Dior. The patchouli smell is heavy.
Burberry Body. The musk scent is overwhelming. Erm, it is not my style.
Elle by YSL. Smell like Patchouli as well.

I personally do not enjoy much the woody scent as the main scent, but if it is a base note with floral middle note, I will love the scent.

I like Gucci by Gucci – Deep woody musky scent.

D) Fresh- Fresh air and water. Super suitable for morning! You can find most of the summer edition fragrance are under this categories.

The sub-groups are (i) Citrus; (ii) Green; (iii) Water

Hugo Boss Jour Pour Femme – Floral-Citrus fragrance
One of my favourites, super fresh and flowery dreamy – Acqua di Gioia
You can’t miss out this one if you want a fresh fragrances-Classic! D&G Light Blue
I can smell spice and citric in this one! Vensense by Versace


100% of citric, a little overwhelming. Moschino I love love
Can you believe it? It has melon scent in it! No wonder it smells so fresh! I personally think that Aqua Lily from The Body Shop is very similar to this one. Cool water by Davidoff

E) Fougère- This one I hardy understand but Chanel No. 5 is under this catagories. Maybe you just have to try it yourself. It is described as the mixtures of many scents, mostly oriental and woody. 

Famous fragrance in the world, Chanel No. 5

So, hopefully my article helps you to find your favourite fragrances. Please remember to ask the help from the counter lady or fragrance consultant if you have any doubts. If you are my close friends, just find me for guidance.


Hoi Peng



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