Soy Sauce Ramen (Budget Friendly)

Ok, first of all, I know this season is back to school season. Many new faces in universities and all the seniors are happy because they can aim the new “target”, haha!

*I mean new girlfriends and boyfriends*

However, I know that money is one of the main struggles for most of the students. I had been in that hard time too. Fortunately, I got my scholarship and my own saving by doing part-time jobs (I was a fragrance consultant, a Korean skin care supplier (back in the days where online shop were harder to find and I shipped the items from Korea myself) and a tutor during school breaks and during free time, I was able to cover my expenses.

Here is one of my favourite fast and cheap soy sauce ramen recipe, which my mum cooked for us when we were in primary school and secondary school as breakfast.


A) 1 pack of Ramen (or whatever amount you desire – I know some of you need to eat two packs)

B) Sauce 

i) 1 tbsp of thick sweet soy sauce

ii) 1 tbsp of normal soy sauce

iii) 1 tbsp of sesame oil

iv) A pinch of white pepper

(Reminder : Please adjust the amount according to your preference. Every brand of soy sauce has different flavour, I prefer North Malaysian Chinese brand as I consume them since I was young.)

My version of Soy Sauce Ramen


  1. Cook your ramen in boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes or as instructed. Drain the water and put aside.
  2. While you are cooking ramen, pour in the sauce in a bowl.
  3. Pour in the ramen inside the bowl and mix them well.
  4. Bam! Your ramen is done and ready to serve.
  5. Additional : You can add in ham, chicken, eggs, vegetables or even cheese (Yum!!) for extra favours.

Caution: Ramen is unhealthy. So, please eat once a while. Never ever eat this daily.

I hope this can help you all when you are hungry in the middle of the night or you are in hurry. It is important to stay healthy even you are broke. Consume more raw food and have cheat meal once a while. Your body will thank you for that.



Hoi Peng


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