Mamonde Rose Water Toner

Hi all! Today I would like to review Mamonde Rose Water Toner.

This is the empty bottle! I have finished it!

If you never heard of this brand, it is actually a Korean skin care brand under Amore Pacific (same company with Laneige), famous for flower skin care lines (All lines are made from different flowers – Rose, Peony, Lilac Blossom and etc). I think if I say the latest brand ambassador of Mamonde is Park Shin Hye, every k-drama fans will go crazy, right? 

I started to use this toner since early of this year (February). During that time, I think very few of Malaysians knew this brand. I bought through Althea Malaysia as it was “buy 2 pay 1 price” discount. So I bought two and I used it twice a day, after I take bath in the morning and evening. 

Spray is the key
  • I do not like to apply toner by using cotton pad. Reason? Waste of product because the cotton pad will absorb most of the toner and it is hard to penetrate through your skin by just pressing on your skin. So, I transfer the toner into a fine spray bottle (I reuse my Taiwan-made toner bottle with super fine spray), and spray onto my skin. Then, I pat lightly until it is absorbed. The process just take less than 5 minutes, so fast and easy.
It is colourless, slightly scented liquid. Very mild and does not leave tingling sensation on my face.

The good news is the price is still affordable today. RM48/ bottle. If you spend more than RM150, you can enjoy the free shipping from Korea. It is fast and safe! 

I went to Korea in end of April and found out that Mamonde Rose Water Toner is actually very popular among Korean, but not Chinese from China. They prefer Innisfree instead. I think because of the successful advertisement in China, Innisfree (After Laneige) has become the main brand in overseas especially China. Well, of course there are good products from Innisfree which I will review next time. 🙂

Ok, back to topic (Opps!), I took about 8 months to finish two bottles (250ml) of the toner (I am still using the 2nd bottle, estimated will be finished end of this month) and my skin feels so smooth and hydrated! I really grateful that I chose this. For your information, I used rose water as toner since I was in University. I used Thayers Alcohol Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner but it left tingling sensation on my face. It made my skin red even though it is alcohol free. Hmm, it did the same to my mother’s skin as well, so I stopped.

Smooth and clean skin, I love it!

I secretly bought two more bottles from Althea Malaysia last week to keep as stock and I can’t get enough of this toner.

In conclusion, I give 10/10 to Mamonde for producing such a great product and I hope this price will maintain for at least 10 years. (Please!)

Congratulation to Mamonde Malaysia for having the first shop in Malaysia at 1 Utama shopping center. For those who want to try this product, please go to the shop and try it.

Until next time, take care.

Hoi Peng


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