How I was Inspired by Minimalism?

I always love to watch YouTube, especially fashion, makeup, national geographic, YouTube singers – Daniela Andrade and some funny short films by RyanHiga, WongFu Production and JinnyboyTV. 

Lately when I was watching these videos, minimalism videos popped out. So, I clicked in to watch these minimalist YouTubers talk about their lifestyles and how they started to be a minimalist.

What makes me impressed was the freedom, cleanliness, and the lifestyle of a minimalist. A shopaholic like me needs to reduce expenses especially in clothing because I tend to buy clothes but only pick my favourite to wear afterwards. The rest? Dumped in my closet and wait for decomposing. *Not good and waste of money*

I am currently 26 years old (In October) and I think it is the time for me to invest some quality clothes, timeless pieces that I will always love to wear. Earth tone blouse, leather motor jacket, a pair of chic jeans and a sexy black dress which can be used to mix and match according to occasions.

Buying more clothes and throw them away without wearing them is a terrible way to pollute the Earth. Maybe you will say: “I can donate to those who need them.” But why not you buy less clothes and donate to the people by buying new clothes that fit them?

“Every year, Americans throw away 12.7 million tons, or 68 pounds of textiles per person?” (CRUICKSHANK, 2016)

The truth is most of the clothes will be dumped into landfill and wait for thousand years to decomposite. But with the fast fashion trend change, and people who love to buy more clothes than invest in quality and minimal pieces, the problem continues endlessly.

So, buy less, invest more. You will definitely love your closet and there are always “clothes to wear”.

The clothes I owned
After I have thrown out the old clothes and donate my formal wears to students who need them.
All the footwear I own. For work, workout and casual wear.

Now, I have reduced my burden, my room looks more manageable and I am no longer worried what to wear the next day. I have become a happier person I always want to be. 

The next stage will be my high school schools notes and books which I store in my cupboard for years. It is the time to send them to recycle bin. 🙂


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