Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder Review

Today is about loose powder.

I guess a lot of people who do not do makeup daily will said :”Eh, I think this product is unnecessary.”

But, tell you what! I use this when I do not have any foundation or concealer on. *Huh? Are you sure??*

Yes. I definitely am! Before I continue the story why I do that, I like to review on the packaging, the texture, colour and scent of Innisfree No-sebum Mineral powder.

a) Texture : A silky smooth and fine powder. It almost invisible after apply on face.

b) Packaging : Green Colour plastic case comes with one velvety applicator. Light to carry around but it is quite fragile. So, please handle it with care or else you need to have couple of this on hand. 

c) Colour : White colour power, but appear to be colourless after application.

d) Scent : A very mild scent, but I do not sure what is that scent. It is described to have mint in this product so I assume it is minty-scent.

Innisfree No Sebum Mineral powder
Applicator and the powder. The transparent cover on top prevents excess powder from falling out

I bought this through Althea Malaysia in February. If you live in Malaysia, you can get this from Althea Malaysia for RM20 only! Pretty good deal and cheapest that I can find online. However, it always out of stock, so please be patient and buy a few once to ensure you never run out of this amazing powder.

There is reason why I love to use loose powder without makeup. I am a super oily girl since teenager (of course I am no longer a teenager), so it is quite challenging to make sure my face stays matte whole day long. The humidity and hot weather in Malaysia does nothing better but make it worse. 😥 Thus, when this product went viral on internet, I bought it for myself and try. Surprisingly it works! *Thank god*

It absorbs the grease and oil on my face and my face stays matte for a few hours. You may reapply lightly as many time as you want because it does not cake up the face. I apply it as my last step of my current morning skincare routine, which is after sunscreen. Sunscreen can be a little greasy even it claims to be in gel-texture.

All the skincare products I apply on my face every morning – eye gel, facial essence, lip balm and sunscreen
I mix all the products together and look at this, it is shiny.
After applying one layer of No-Sebum Mineral Powder, it cancels the greasy-look but does not cake up, which I appreciate

I will give 9/10 for this product, minus 1 point for the applicator, because it would be better if there are two applicators provided, so I can alternate them for cleaning purpose. I prefer to apply with the applicator as it ensures smooth and silky finish, but you can always use this powder with a brush.
Hoi Peng


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