Nutox Skincare Products Review

I bet the readers from overseas (Especially not from South East Asia and Asia) will have questions on this brand, because you never heard of it before, right? 

Nutox is a Malaysian brand, manufactured by Tohtonku which promotes anti-ageing skincares by using B’Nest Collagen. It claims that clinical tests are done and it is proven that B’Nest Collagen can visibly reduce signs of ageing. 

These skincare products are suitable for all skin type as it is non-oily and in gel-cream form. I really love this because I have oily skin and I dislike the feeling of stickiness on my face.

The first product I want to talk about is eye refiner. I used this product for almost 9 months and yes, it definitely helps to reduce my eyes puffiness and dark circle. I believe there is no 100% cure for dark circles as it happened since I started to sleep late. One product does not have the power to combat with years of insomnia and late night party. However, I can feel the difference after I used this product.

Eye Refiner 15ml

I will make sure I use eye refiner every night because my dark circles are terrible. 

Please ignore my wet hair, I just took my bath

You just need a small dot for each eye. I accidentally pressed too hard so I have to use all the products. 😩

Next, lets talk about Night Repair gel-cream. This cream is wonderful and it forms a protective layer on your skin. Apply before sleep and the soothing scent will help you to go to bed faster. I really love this cream and I bought for my mum as well. But she doesn’t use this cream anymore because I bought her another cream from Innisfree, so I steal it back. 😁

The packaging of night cream
It is without any harsh chemicals like paraben, colouring and mineral oil.
The gel-cream texture is very nice on skin, not oily and not drying. I love it.

The last product I want to talk about is serum, the product I love the most in this range. I have used two bottles of this and I will get more once I finish my Innisfree Orchid Serum. 

Serum Concentrate

The texture is watery gel, and it can be absorbed by skin in minutes. So sorry I can’t show you all the real product as I have finished this product. This bottle is used for my homemade jojoba oil mix with tea tree oil. I will talk about oil for face next time.

In conclusion, I give Nutox a big thumb up as Nutox does a great job to produce good products with affordable price. If you are in Asia, you can buy through Watsons and Guardian. Even the hypermarkets and supermarkets carry Nutox. 

Until then, see you!
Hoi Peng


4 thoughts on “Nutox Skincare Products Review

    1. Hahaha! Thank you. I am not young yet not old too. Sebab I really take care my skin but I do have blemishes on my face. It depends on my hormone change as well. I think the overnight cream and serum are great. Boleh cuba this two dulu to see the results.


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