Freeman Avocado & Oatmeal Clay Mask Review

Before I start to review, I want to inform that I own this mask for more than one year. Yes, terribly terrible. It was not well-loved as I am lazy. I am lazy to wait. 

Clay Mask by Freeman, well-loved.

Freeman makes great and wonderful mask, but I am not a person who is willing to wait until it dries completely, and then wash off. I prefer sleeping mask or so called Lazy Mask.

However, when I have mood to pamper myself, I will use this mask. It cleans the face without drying my skin. 

Not so happy face 😂

You have to be super patient. If it doesn’t dry completely, it literally does nothing. So, instead of wasting of time and money, you have to wait longer, and your skin will say thank you later.

I give this mask 8/10 as it does deep cleans and purifies pores, but the waiting time is torturing. I have to wait for about 15 to 20 minutes to have complete dry face. 

If you have patience to wait, please use it twice a week and pimples and acne will go away.

I believe you can get it in any drugstores such as Watsons and Guardian. It is super affordable for a 150ml and it can last a very long time. Great deal, right? If you want to try other masks for Freeman, please view them here.


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