Lip liner Lovers?

Are you a lipstick/lip liner girl? If yes, please continue to read this.

I am definitely a lippie girl. The makeup product I can’t live without will be lip products – Lip balm, lipstick and lip liner. But I dislike lip gloss and lip stain. Lip gloss is too shinning and sticky for my liking, and lip stain dries out my lips, which I really hate that feeling.

The lipstick and lip liner I love are always matte. I love everything matte, sophisticated and simple. I prefer to rock shiny or edgy eye makeup than to have glossy lips. 

That is why I own semi matte or matte lip liner and lipstick all the time! Today I would like to share three lip liners I own, one from SilkyGirl and another two from Essence. I believe most of you hear about Essence Cosmetic before but not SilkyGirl. 

SilkyGirl Cosmetic is a Malaysia brand which is super affordable. The products are hit and miss, but this lip liner is definitely a hit! I love it to be matte, but the formulation is not drying. The most important thing is it is super long lasting on my lips! The price is RM20 and you can find it at any drugstores and supermarkets.

From our left to right – Left: Essence 04 A Girl’s Dream; Middle: Essence 02 Sweetheart; Right: SilkyGirl Long Wearing Lip liner 01 Nude

For Essence Lip liner, it glides on easily but I do not like it’s formula. But it does a pretty good job for such pricing – Only less than RM10/pc. Yea! You never see wrongly. Super cheap, right? I think Essence Cosmetic makes products which are suitable for people like me, who loves to try out different things and yet do not have money to splurge on luxury items.

Essence on left and right, SilkyGirl in the middle

I will give 10/10 for SilkyGirl Long Wearing Lip liner and 8/10 for Essence Lip liner. High marks for great pricing but minus 2 for the formulation. But it is a great deal, I love all of them anyways.

How about all of you? Please share your thoughts and your favourite drugstore lip liner or lipstick.:)


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