Best Sunscreen (In my opinion)

Lately my best friend Rainbow asked me on the sunscreen I use and which products I recommended. So, today I would like to share my holy grail sunscreen, which is cheap, non-greasy, no white residue and of course efficient.

Japanese sunscreen.

Hmm, sorry to all other sunscreens, but I always go back to Japanese Sunscreen as it suits my needs. Even though it is not waterproof, but I am working in office (currently) and I do not need any waterproof products.

Japanese Sunscreens

Compared to western brands and even other Asian countries brands, Japanese has the best technology to produce high quality sunscreens without having any irritating chemicals and strong smell. This makes me feel confident to wear sunscreen everyday and my skin is protected from UV rays.

I am using Sunplay Skin Aqua UV Watery Essence SPF 50+, which is suitable for Malaysian high humidity and hot weather. You may need to reapply more frequent if you stay outdoor.

Milky gel-like consistency, can be applied easily on skin

Other brand I used was Biore UV Aqua Rich SPF 50+ and I really love it. I can’t wait to try Senka UV Mineral Essence SPF 50+ after this as I read good reviews from the bloggers. 
The greatest thing is they can be found easily in drugstores and online. The price range is around RM30 to RM40, depending on brands. However, you can get them for RM25+ each when there are promotions and sales.

So, why not just give a try? Wearing sunscreen is the most important step to prevent skin cancer and ageing. Make sure you start from today. đŸ™‚


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