What I eat to lose weight

I am chubby girl since young and my body grows bigger in days when I eat more and do not exercise. A typical balloon, I would say.

My weight was fluctuating for years as I tried to lose weight, and then gained back more after I ate “normally”. I eat like a typical Malaysian, but it is hard to resist good food. 

During working on site in 2015, I ate Nasi Lemak as breakfast everyday as my colleague’s mother sells nasi lemak, and then I ate rice with other dishes in the afternoon and evening. I think stress worsened my weight management as well.

Consequently, I gained 10kg in a year, after working on site. Oh, my worst nightmare happened and I was trying to reduce weight by working out at gym. I started my gym training in end of February 2016 and after 1 month, no result showed. I ate smaller potion, more vegetables, and yet, the scale showed me the same number. I was pretty upset but I kept going.

Then, my uncle introduced me to ketogenic diet, to reduce my carbs intake to less than 20g per days, cut down sodium and unhealthy oils intake. I started to see results in 1 week, which I lost 4 kg. Pretty great, right? The starting was terrible, as I loved my rice so much, and I craved for carbs. My body takes time to adjust my metabolism and burn the old bad fats stored in my body.

Before and After.

During that desperate-to-lose-weight period, I ate enzymes and drank apple cider vinegar to boost up my metabolism. These two products really help me to clear the toxic in my body. Bragg Apple Cider is the best apple cider you can get, but if it is not available in your area, Heinz or other brands can be used as well.

For Enzyme, I prefer Organo Gold 100% Natural Enzyme Enhanced with Ganoderma Lucidum. It is very convenient to consume as it is packed into small packet of powder, not sweet and of course efficient. It is available through the distributors in Malaysia. If you are interested, please leave me a message.

I kept my effort to eat clean for three months and I lost 8 kg. Even though my weight is not at the lowest number it used to be, but I feel more healthy and tone up. I look smaller than before and I continue to eat healthier and workout until today.

Stay healthy is crucial for your life and your family life. I would say health is the best insurance you can buy for your family. So, please start to eat clean and exercise. However, cheat meal once a week is a must 😂.


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