What is Marriage to me?

This is a huge and private topic.

I believe every married couple has problems, no matter what they are about. At least, it happens around me. Don’t get me wrong, I am single. 😁

However, no matter how hard it is, the problems should not affect children. At least, do not bring the negativity into the family. Two persons from different backgrounds live together and then having children. It is compulsory to work hard to bring happiness to the family, not the sadness, anger, tension and poor. 

Ok, I know there will be people complaining about this : poverty. For me, if you are not financially stable, don’t get married, and don’t have child. It is children’s right to have happy life, good education, a home to live in and get protection from any danger.

I always wanted to raise my children by myself, which means I will be at home with them, to grow with them, to nurse them, to take care of them by myself, but at the same time I can earn the living. That is why I am preparing for my future, creating a flexible job, and make sure i am financially stable.

And of course, a person who you can live your life with forever is hard to find. Tolerance always the key, and commitment as well. 

Marriage is not about love, but love, commitment, understanding, tolerance and forever. This is the marriage I wanted.


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