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Claire McFall’s Books Review

This weekend is spent with my birthday presents – Two books from Claire McFall. Thank you to my friend, I was introduced to this wonderful Scottish writter and I was enchanted with her stories.

Today I would like to recommend <Ferryman> and <Black Cairn Point> from McFall. 

McFall published her first book <Ferryman> in 2013 and it is one of the best selling books in the world. I read her books in Chinese, but I would love to re-read the novels in English.

<Ferryman> is a unique love story which happens when a 15 years old girl dies in a train crash and she meets her “Ferryman”.He helps her to pass through the obstacles to “the other side”, where she can live in peace. However, she realizes that she loves him and she can’t live without him. So, she decides to go back to the wasteland to find him…

An epic love story and I can’t get enough of it. If they can make this into movie, I would love to watch again and again. 

“I exist because you need me.”

<Black Cairn Point>, on the other hand, is a dark thriller and mystery, which you will be surprised with the ending. If you love thriller, you would enjoy this story.

Five kids went to camping at an ancient Black Cairn Point and only two people survived. One of them (Dougie) coma for a year and one (Heather) was diagnosed as pscho killer. However, when Dougie wakes up, everything changes…

The story is told by using Before, Now and Then narratives. Your heartbeats will be affected by the storyline and I hope you can sleep soundly at night after reading this story 😂


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