The Best Facial Exfoliating Product 

Well, it seems like people do not like the book review I made. Too sad 😥

Anyway, today I have another skincare product review for you. 

I always believe that in order to have great skin, a person needs to protect skin from UV rays and exfoliating.

Dead skin cells are accumulated on the surface of skin to prevent skin care products from penetrating into your skin. So, you have to get rid of them by exfoliating. I know some of you have really sensitive skin and it is hard not to irritate your skin while exfoliating. 

This is why I want to recommend a product which I personally think that it exfoliates better than scrub yet it is more gentle and relatively cheap!

Naruko Marjaram and Lavender Brightning Peeling Gel

If you never heard of this brand, Naruko was founded by Niuer, a well-known Taiwanese beauty advisor. He had terrible skin when he was young but after years of research and self-tested on the products, he finally released his own products to the market. You can get his products at drugstores and online in AsiaUS and Australia. There are different lines of skin cares which each of them have different function. You can read more on these websites.

Niuer, before and after. He is 49 years old this year.

I personally love this product, as it works all the time. It is gel type exfoliator, which will form dark colour dirt after you massage onto your skin. Don’t get me wrong, it is not a peeling mask. 

You just need tiny amount for whole face and neck area, which is about a teaspoon of product.

Yuck, all the dirty dead skin.

Well, I must say it really deep cleanse my face and I love to have clean face. 🙂 I had used up 10 tubes of this exfoliator before I write this review. So, just believe me. 😂 But please keep in mind that NO WATER should be added when you use it.

The price is RM35.00 at and Watsons


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