Innisfree Orchid Intense Cream and Enriched Essence Review

Innisfree is always my favorite Korean skincare brand. Why? Because it is effective! The famous Green Tea Seed Serum (RM61 | 80ml) and Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask (RM39 | 100ml) are the hot selling products but the product range I love the most is from Jeju Orchid. The price range is in middle range, which is around RM80 to RM120.

Jeju Orchid range is specialised in moisturizing and anti-ageing.

The products I want to review are Orchid Intense Cream (RM113 | 50ml) and Orchid Enriched Essence (RM96 | 50ml). I bought these through online and when I travelled in Korea. The price range is almost the same in Malaysia and Korea. So, for those who wants to get the products on hand immediately, you can get them from Innisfree in Pavilion and Sunway Pyramid. 🙂

I bought Orchid Intense Cream for my mum as a present from Korea and she uses for 5 months since then. She gets compliments from my aunts and her friends for having better skin. She claims that this cream has reduced her face pigmentation efficiently. I am glad she loves this product. 

It has soothing scent which I love to inhale while applying the cream on my face. 😚

Very smooth and non sticky texture, great for moisturizing your skin
It claims to control dryness and wrinkle correcting, which is awesome!

Oh, please do not confuse Orchid Intense Cream with Orchid Enriched Cream (RM89 | 50ml). Orchid Intense Cream is more moisturizing and it is slightly expensive than Orchid Enriched Cream.

For the serum, I am in love with it! I used to hate moisturizer so I used a lot of serums. One of the serums I love is Orchid Enriched Essence as it absorbs into skin pretty fast and smells great. My skin feels great and supple! I hardly have acnes after I eat clean and use good products.

It has watery gel texture and it smells great!

I hope my review helps you to choose the suitable skin care for your skin type. All prices are from Althea Malaysia. You can get the products from Innisfree Malaysia as well with slight difference in prices but you don’t have to wait for delivery. 🙂


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