The Best Brightening and Moisturizing Sheet Mask?!

TGIS everyone. It is a blessed Saturday and I wake up pretty late today. But that is not the point.

Today I am pampering myself for having a sheet mask session on my skin. My skin needs to be moisturized badly these days because I love to squeeze my white heads by hand (I know, it is gross, but I really enjoy it. It is my guilty pleasure *Yuck* 😆😅) 

My skin peeled off and I think it is the time to give my face a deep moisturizer. That is why today I take my time to rest on my couch a.k.a sofa and do mask. 

Hi, my big face says Hello!

I bought this mask a year ago and I haven’t use it too frequently as I use cream moisturizers most of the time. I personally think that sheet mask gives only temporary effect which is not cost effective compared to skin cares like night cream, eye cream and etc. Unless, you can use sheet mask twice a days and everyday like Fan Bing Bing (Famous Chinese Actress with beautiful and Super pale skin, her secret is to put on sheet mask anytime, everyday when needed.)

Well, I don’t have so much money to spare for skincare so I only use sheet mask when it is necessary. 

The brightening and moisturizing sheet mask I use today is Naruko Arbutin Intense Brightening Sheet Mask (10 pcs |RM39.90 which is from the same brand as the exfoliating gel I recommended.

I think it is the best mask I ever used, even better than other famous mask manufacturer brands. The reasons are pretty obvious.

1) It does what it claims – Brightening and moisturizing. Instant restore a healthy and translucent skin complexion. For the brightening part, you have to use this mask for a longer period for more obvious result.

2) In each mask, there is 25ml of essence! It is enough for face and neck and even for hands and legs as well. However, please be noted that the essence is pretty watery, so you have to put on the mask quickly to avoid any wasted essence. 

Say hi to my bare face 😆

I personally give this mask a 10/10 because I really enjoy the goodness in cheap price, and of course, it does whatever it claims. 🙂


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