All time favourite-Bifesta Makeup Remover

I am not a person who wear makeup everyday. Even if I makeup, it is always minimal. That is why I hardly use cleansing oil. 

My all time favourite makeup remover is Bifesta Cleaning Express – Sebum (Turquoise bottle) [300ml | RM31.41 @Watson’s Malaysia] & Agecare (Pink) Cleansing Lotion. It is a quick and effective water based cleansing water which I personally think that the quality is same as expensive Bioderma.

I used this makeup remover since 17, and I never change to other brand until today. The quality is great and cheap! 

It is oil free, fragrance free, alcohol free, colorant free and preservative free which is gentle to our skin. It claims that we do not need to clean our skin after removing makeup but I never skip the step to further cleanse my face with the facial cleansing foam. It is better to confirm our face is free from makeup before go to bed. 

My pencil eyeliner has dried out and I need to get a new one.
Tadaa, dirty cotton pad after removing the eyeliner by using Bifesta Cleansing Water.

There are other choices as well: Enrich cleansing water, Brightup cleansing water and Moist cleansing water [300ml | RM31.41 @Watson’s Malaysia].

You can get the cleansing sheet in Moist & Brightup [46’s| RM20.80 @ Watsons Malaysia] as well. 

For eyes and lips makeup remover, it is RM22.80 for 145ml @ Watsons Malaysia. 


3 thoughts on “All time favourite-Bifesta Makeup Remover

  1. Bifesta is definitely my holy grail micellar water. I mean I like Bioderma Sensibio, but Bifesta sure is much better in terms of price and moisturizing effects. Micellar water shouldn’t be expensive imo, considering it’s just water and surfactant molecules. 😀 Have you tried Garnier one?

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