Deepavali Haul 29102016

Hi all, today I went shopping, mainly to change my phone data plan to 40 GB for RM98 per month (RM103.90 after 6% tax @ Celcom FIRST Gold Plus) and help my mum to buy cooking oil.

If you are a Malaysian, you know why my mum asks me to buy cooking oil. It is hard to find Palm Oil cooking oil nowadays in Malaysia as the Government decided to cancel the subsidy. Everyone get panic and buy a lot of cooking oil to store. So, I bought 10kg oil for my mum and I think it should be enough for next two months.

Since today is Deepavali, all major drugstores have sales.I can’t help but want to buy things. Lately I am so attracted to bronzer & contour.I am not a fan of glowing and shiny face, so highlighter is not my thing. 

I bought all of these today, except the magazine

However, Maybelline V-face duo stick really get my attention. Two shades are available (Light & Medium) and I got the medium one. The major difference is the contour shade, while highlighter is the same. 

Besides, I got Silky Girl Perfect Stay 20HR eyeliner in 01 Blackest Black ( RM16.44 @ Watson Malaysia). I used this eyeliner for my Bff Rainbow makeup and I really love it. I also bought extra tube of Sunscreen [Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence 50ml (RM 29.80 @ Watson Malaysia)] as backup because I use suncreen everyday. It runs out pretty fast.

In Guardian Malaysia, I bought Catrice Cosmetics Sun Glow Matt Bronzing Powder for Darker skin (RM21.90 @ Guardian Malaysia) and Camouflage Cream in 010 Ivory (RM16.90 @ Guardian Malaysia). If you do not know, Catrice Cosmetics is European affortable cosmetic brand which is only available in Guardian Malaysia. Unlike Essence Cosmetics (they are sister company), it is slightly higher end and higher quality. Essence Cosmetics is available in Watson Malaysia. 

Another two items are random items which is a Pilot G-2 0.5mm Black ink gel pen (RM5.65 @ Hasani Bookstore Kulim Landmark Center) and paint brush (RM3.10 @ Hasani Bookstore Kulim Landmark Center). I bought this paint brush to paint my lips (I use it as a lip brush). Lately I found that liquid lipstick is very hard for me to handle, so I need this tiny flat synthetic brush for precise lip paint. It can be used as a concealer brush as well! What a great and cheap tool.

Hopefully you enjoy my haul even my pocket hole is getting bigger. 😂:'(😦😥


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