Ramen Twist – Oat Mee

Hey all, lately Maggi Malaysia has introduced a new instant noodles (a.k.a ramen) which really WOW me. 

What?! Oat noodles? Are you kidding me?

It cost RM6.99 and there are 4 packs available. Unlike usual Malaysian Flavour ramen, there is a slight twist – just imagine you use the usual Maggi curry powder + thick sweet soy sauce + garlic/onion infused cooking oil. Same like the seasoning packs you can get from instant mee goreng + Maggi mee curry soup powder.

For me, it just do not taste great. I prefer curry noodle and mee goreng (Fried noodle in Malay) standalone.

*You get what I mean*

The oat noodles has slightly harder texture and darker colour compared to regular ramen and it does not smell that great. I should say it just taste like ordinary oat, with different texture.

I added additional sweet soy sauce after the first bite in order to cover that curry flavour. Well, I do not like the concept of dried curry noodles, so this noodle is a miss.

However, I hope they will have more other flavours coming out and we might have tomyam oatmee, asam laksa oatmee, itik (duck) oatmee, vegetarian oatmee and etc. I will definitely try them and give comments.

Overall I give 7/10, all the points go to the noodles (healthy twist) and creativity.


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