Tight Budget Lunch

Hey all, November is a terrible month for Malaysian – Petrol price and cooking oil price increase, and everyone is suffering. The most shocking part is the price of 5 kg cooking oil has increased 60%. WTF!

Well, not matter how bad it is, life still goes on. We need to figure out how to survive, cut down expenses and move on.

I have planned to survive with RM503 start from November, of course it does not includes my insurance, saving and loan payment.

My RM503 challenge includes 

  1. Phone bill – RM103 per month
  2. Transportation – RM150
  3. Food – RM250 (I cook for breakfast and lunch, it save more)

Ya, no entertainment, no shopping. *Boring*

Of course gas and utilities are depending on my mum, thank you mamy.

Well, shoo away the negative, lets see what I want to share with you – food.

These are the lunch I cooked. I never plan my recipe, I buy whatever ingredients that are available in market and I cook. Hope you enjoy the photos.

Good night!


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