[Budget Skin Care] All in One – Za True White Essence Lotion

Saturday definitely needs some good stuffs to share. 

Today, it is the turn for Za True White Essence Lotion (RM49.88 | 150ml @ Guardian Malaysia). It was introduced to me by a sales girl working in drugstore and she said this is the dupe for Shiseido high end skincare – White Lucent Brightening Toning Lotion [150 ml]. However, it is more than just a lotion. 

It is an essence, with more concentrated skincare ingredients which is great to our skin.

Honestly, I used to think that Za is from US or European country and obviously I was wrong. Za is actually a brand under Shiseido and all the products are Japan formulated. No wonder the sales girl mentioned that it is a great dupe for Shiseido high end skincare, because they are from the same company! 

I used this product for more than 1 year and I really love it. It is lightweight, not greasy and I can feel the instant hydration in my face. It has tiny white particles which you cannot feel at all.

I use this essence in the morning, after Mamonde Rose Water, eye gel and before sunscreen. Only 4 products in the morning and I am good to go. Oh, sometimes I love to wear lipstick to work. It makes me look awake.

Besides, you can use it as facial mask by soaking the cotton pad in this essence and put on your face for 15-20 mins. It gives an instant brigtening and moisturizing effect which I really appreciate.


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