L’oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil (For Coloured Hair) Review

Sadly I wrote this article in this morning and it disappeared! I had to rewrite again and here we go.

I love to wash my hair everyday, especially on the days I workout. I cannot withstand the fact that I need to sleep with my smelly and dirty hair. Besides, I have very brittle and dry hair due to frequent bleach and dye. 

Hence, I bought L’oreal Elvive Extraordinary oil for coloured hair (RM41.35 | 100ml @ Guardian Malaysia) to try out. I wanted something that moisturize and protect my hair from further damage. However, the strong flora scent is too overwhelming and I quit after a few application on my dry hair. 

One year later and I have decided to give it the second chance as I hate to waste. So, I changed my application which I only apply this oil on my damp hair and I let it air dry.

Bam! Suprisingly it works! The oil has watery consistency which I love as it will not leave greasy and dirty stain on my pillow. My hair feels so soft and airy. Thank god the flora scent fades after a couple hours.

Overall I give 8/10 to this hair oil. 

A little go a long way. If you love strong flora scent, this hair oil will definitely a hit product for you.

P/s: Today the photoshoot was done with the gorgeous flower which I do not know the name. Whatever, as long as it is beautiful and photogenic. 😁


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