Pond’s Flawless White Brightening Night Cream Review

Hey, today I would like to share my review on Pond’s Flawless White Brightening Night Cream.

I bought this night cream with Pond’s Flawless White Dewy Rose Soft Cream SPF30 (50ml | USD$21.00 @Amazon) in Hatyai, Thailand during my company annual dinner trip in January and I really love them.

Online Photo

I do not own the Dewy Rose Cream now because I used it everyday and it lasted for 4 months. It is a great colour corrector moisturizer (CC cream + Moisturizer + Sunscreen). All in one product which I really appreciate. You definitely can google about this product and they received a lot of good comments. If you have oily skin, you can use Rose Gel (50ml | USD$29.74 @Amazon) which is less oily and easier to be absorbed.

You can see the difference of Rose Gel and Rose Cream here. I took this photo online from Jessica Simon.

For the night cream (50ml | USD$12.88 @ Amazon), it is amazing as well! It is suitable for dry skin, as it is rich and creamy. I have very oily skin and it does not break me out! For those who love to sleep in air conditioning room should try this. 

Can you see it? I almost empty this bottle.

The packaging is bulky but they are cute! I love glass container as it looks expensive. 

If you want to try this product and have the chance to get Pond’s products from Thailand, please do not buy online. The online price is overpriced. I bought these creams for less than 600 baht (Night Cream and Rose Cream). 

I hope you like my review. See you again!


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