The Importance of Hand Cream and Body Lotion

I know most of us tend to forget about our hands and body. We are willing to spend hundreds and thousands dollar on skin care and makeup, but we do not give attention on our hands and body.

Hands and neck are the most delicate and sentivite parts of our body and they age faster than our face. Hence, I always make sure that my hands are cleaned and moistured after household work. For my neck, I treat it as my second face and I pamper my neck with the skin care I put on my face.

The body and hand lotions I own
Vaseline lotions, my all time favourite

A great lotion is not necessary expensive and an expensive lotion is not necessary great. I really love my Vaseline lotions as they are rich yet non greasy. They are super affortable as well (400ml | RM17.50 @ Watsons Malaysia). 

Usually I will rub body lotion onto my skin after shower especially on my legs. The funny fact is I have super oily skin but my legs are super dry. Weird.

[Our left] Daiso Q10 hand cream, I really love it (RM5.30 | 80g @ Daiso Malaysia). [Our right] The Orchid Skin – Orchid Flower Moisture Tok Tok Hand Cream (Gift from My Bff | 60ml)

Never ever say you can’t get great lotion in Daiso. I found this lotion last year in Daiso and I really enjoy it. Even though it is only RM5.30 but the quality is extraordinary. It is made in Korea and it really moistures my dry skin.

I just finish cleaning fish organs this morning and my hands are super cracked and dry
Can you see the difference? My hands are instantly moistured!

I hope you find this post useful.

See you soon!


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