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[Mini Project] Easy Macrame Keychain/Braclet

Hey all, today I have done a mini craft project and I would like to share it!

I made this macrame keychain years ago and I decide to do it again as my old keychain turns super dirty.

I made two of them and my favourite is the right one! It consists of four colours which are baby pink, black, green and blue. The green and blue are actually similar to Pantone colours for 2017 – Kale and Niagara. 

Online photo – Pantone colours for 2017

The left one consists of silver, yellow, sky blue and magenta, which three colours out of four are also in the Pantone colour chart! What a coincidence!

If you want to make it yourself, you can refer to Macrame School Youtube channel. They have different kind of Macrame, for begineers and also for advance level artists. 

You can made this macrame into keychain or you can make it longer to become a braclet. 

This mini project has costed me RM1.05 and that is super cheap!

I hope you love this post and see you soon!


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