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Winged Bean Plantation

I am a winged bean sucker. I love to eat winged bean because it is crunchy and tasty. My favourite cooking is winged beam with Sambal Belacan (Hot chili paste ) and the flavour is absolute addicting. 

Online photo

Every weekend I buy winged bean from a Malay uncle and suddenly I decided to plant myself. It does not take very long time and it does not require a huge place to grow. 

The seed has similar size to red beans and you should put at least three seeds at the same place. The strongest seed will be chosen and the rest will be eliminated. Constantly add organic fertilizer and you can get the winged bean in around 3 months. 

13 Nov 2016

26 Nov 2016

Can you see the difference in only 14 days? It grows very fast! I can’t wait to eat winged beam from this plant. If got extra I will sell it in the market. ♡


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