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[First Impression] Brushnco 15 Pieces Premium Brush Kit

Honestly I am not a person who wears makeup everyday, but I do enjoy makeup. My bff is going to marry next year, so I think it is the time to level up my makeup game – to have complete set of makeup brushes. Well, I have to look “presentable” in front of people. 😂

I learn all the makeup tips and tricks through online and I remembered Michelle Phan influenced me to get my first set of makeup brush. If you remembered, she used these brushes years ago. I do not remember the price but it should be around RM35.00.

The quality of the brushes are okay but they are not sufficient to do exquisite makeup looks. Hence, I decided to get myself a complete set as my Christmas present. *Well, I just find a random reason to spend without feeling guilty*

I bought this 15 premium kit from Brushnco yesterday through Instagram and Whatapps. The greastest thing is the owner sent out my brushes right after I bank in the money. Really efficient though! I give 10 stars for the service.

This is the packaging of the brushes, each brush has its own plastic wrap to protect the synthetic brush head.

There are powder brushes – for contouring, highlighting, strobing, blush, translucent powder and etc. One foundation brush and another one for concealer. Besides that, there are detail brushes for lips, eye shadows and eyeliners as well. I love detail brushes but unfortunately there is no pencil brush which I love the most. A couple of blending brush for eyeshadows and that’s all!

These brushes have funny smell but I believe after washing them, the smell will go away. The brushes are dense and soft, but you can feel the different with those higher end brushes. Well, what can you expect from a RM70.00 set? Yes, only RM70.00 and RM7.00 for postage.
If you feel interested, please visit Brushnco on Instagram. She sells other brushes and beauty sponge as well! She ships to Singapore, Brunei, Australia and USA as well! 

I give 7.5/10 for this premium set based on the first impression and I might change my mind after I use them. If you want to know my opinion, please stay turn!



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