L’oreal True Match Liquid Foundation Review

My all time favourite foundation is Revlon Colorstay Foundation (For combination/oil skin) in 310 Warm Golden (30ml | RM 63.67 @Watsons Malaysia). It stays on my skin all day and I really love it. However, I wanted to try other foundation and I heard good reviews on L’oreal True Match Liquid Foundation (30ml | RM35.34 @ Watsons Malaysia). Thus, I bought it during sales at Watsons Malaysia months ago.

The shade I bought is G3 Gold Vanila and I thought it should match my skin. Unfortunately, I was wrong!

I tried it for the first time during Deepavali and oh my god, the shade does not match my skin at all! I was so dissappointed because it looks orange on my skin. I was upset but I do not want to waste my money. So, I decided to try it again, and the shade is still not matching my skin because I am fairer.
However, the texture is great and it has matte finish with a little shimmer on it. It is more hydrating and lighter compared to Revlon Colorstay Foundation. It gives medium courage while Revlon gives medium to full courage. I will give it a 9/10 if it did not make me a Oompa Loompa. 😂

But, it does dissappointing me and I give it 6.5/10.

I will try to fix this problem by mixing it with a lighter shade foundation and hopefully it works. *Finger Crossed*


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