Uniqlo Haul 10122016

Ok, first of all, don’t ask me how much I have spent. Yesterday I drove to mall and grab things like crazy. I hope my bill will not kill me for months (Obviously it will). 😥

Today I will talk on Uniqlo. Uniqlo has simple yet high quality clothing. Currently I am crazy with sweaters even Malaysia is summer whole year. But, we have raining season which is quite windy and cold sometimes. Let’s see what I have bought!

I have bought one dress and three sweaters. Please take note all the photos below are taken from 

Woman Jacquard Sleeveless Dress in 69 Navy [RM79.90]
Woman Ribbed High Neck Half Sleeve T-shirt in 19 Wine (The photo shows grey colour) [RM39.90]
Woman Ribbed High Neck Long Sleeve T [RM59.90]
Woam Supima Cotton Turtle Neck Long Sleeve T [RM39.90]

All the prices shown are original price. However, Uniqlo always has promotions and sales. So, grab your chance and buy more clothes if you love Uniqlo! 

These clothes have costed me RM189.60 in total. I will post another two hauls from Sasa and Padini soon. Stay turn! 


4 thoughts on “Uniqlo Haul 10122016

  1. Uniqlo just opened their first Canadian stores last month – it was so exciting! I had visited their stores in other countries but now I can buy them at home! I’ve only picked up a blouse so far… will definitely go back for more. I like that dress you got. Looking forward to seeing your Sasa haul!

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    1. Yes, I bet the price is more affordable in Canada. The quality is good and it last really long time. However, they have smaller sizes for jeans. The waist range is 23~29 inches which is made for Eastern Asian.


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