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Sasa Haul 101216

It is a crazy week for working. I slept for 6 hours a day and my face looks like a zombie. I hope my zombie face will not last long. 😥

Today post is about Sasa Haul. I shopped last Saturday and these are the products I got. It burns my pocket a big hole and I have to cut down my expenses on food.

Sasa is a Hong Kong based company which sells a lot of skin cares and cosmetics from Asians (Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore) and of course Western brands like The Balm, Revlon, Maybeline, branded fragrances, and etc. All kinds of high ends and drugstores products are available here.

Uniqlo Haul, Sasa Haul and Padini Haul (will be updated soon)

The Sasa outlet I went is located at Queensbay Mall, Penang and Sasa had promotions for first 100 customers, which is a gift bag and extra 5% discount for those products which can be stored in this christmas magic box.

Tadaaa, these are the products I got!

The first thing I got is Dr. Wu Hydrating System Intensive Hydrating Serum with Hyaluronic Acid. Dr. Wu is a pharmacy skin care brand from Taiwan and the pricing is in middle high range. I really love Dr. Wu because it does what it claims. Hydrating System range is one of the best selling ranges and it is great for winter skin. The selling price for this 15ml serum is RM129.00. Pretty pricey though. However, I got these two bottles only for RM150.00. 

Cosmo Pre glued Flase Eyelashes – RM16.90

The second item is false lashes. I never own a pair so I am thinking of doing experiments. This is pre glued eyelashes but I bought a small glue as preparation just in case they do not stick.

Koji False Lashes Glue – RM11.50, 10% off 
Dejavu Fiberwig Mascara RM62.55

The fouth item is Dejavu Fiberwig Ultra Long Mascara in Pure Black. I am not a mascara lover, because it makes my makeup hard to clean up. My eyelashes are weak and the makeup remover makes them worse. However, Dejavu is the BEST mascara I ever used. I noticed this because I helped my friend to makeup few years back and she owned this amazing mascara. 

Since I can get RM18.75 weekend special off and extra 5% christmas magic box off, I have to get it! 

Cecil Eyelid Tape RM19.90, 30% off

Wondering why I got this? I am blessed with double/triple eyelids, but my both eyelids are sisters and they are uneven. It is hard for me to draw even eyeliners so I will try to create even eyelids by using the eyelid tape. 

As I mentioned earlier, first 100 customers got special gift bag from Sasa and these are what I got!

Another full size Dejavu Keep Style mascara, Purevivi Cleansing Water 30ml, Sasatinnie Nail Polish in Glittery Gold 10ml, Hatamugi Skin Conditional Sample 13ml, Daeng Gi Meo Ri Vitalizing Treatment for Hair, Bloop Germ Blaster Hand Sanitizer 29ml!

Besides skin care and cosmetics samples, I have chocolates, raisins and a ginger man biscuit, how cute is that!

I hope you enjoy this haul. Shout out to K-drama fan who loves to watch Goblin, I am crazy with this drama lately. It is fascinating and I love every character in this drama! 

If you haven’t start it yet, please go ahead! I can guarantee you will not regret! Tonight Episode 6 will be on air and I can’t wait to watch it online during midnight! XOXO 💕💕



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