Maybelline Sensational Lip Velvet Matte Review

Hey all! K drama Goblin Episode 6 is super awesome! I can’t wait for Episode 7 and 8 on coming Friday and Saturday! Grrr!

Forgive me for overly excited. I can’t really shut my mouth if I am excited on something. 😁

Today I would like to review on Maybelline Sensational Lip Velvet Matte in MAT 11 (RM23.92 @ Watsons Malaysia) .

The first impression on its packaging was great. It is simple and classy. It has a tip applicator which I thought it would be easier to use.

However, my expectations have failed. Maybe I am not used to liquid lipstick. All the liquid lipsticks I used tend to bleed even with a lip liner. I hate to look like a clown. It is very pigmented but it does not spread evenly on my lips. The colour will fade if I ate something oily. Ohh, I must be super dissappointed with it. 

But, the great thing is it does not smell chemically awful and it does not feel very dry on lips. Perhaps this makes its lasting power less than average. Or else I use them wrongly? Please advise me if I had done something wrong.

Overall I give a 4.5/10. Meh.

Better lip day with Silky Girl Matte Junkie Lip Cream in 03 Rebel and Essence Long Lasting Lipliner in 01 Ready for Red.

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