Learning Korean Language

Merry Christmas all! I wish I am drinking hot chocolate in cold country now. But, reality is always cruel. 😁

It is okay, because I have set my goal to visit countries in Europe or Japan during Christmas two years from now. Hope it will happen. *Finger Cross*

If you read my blog before, you already know that I had visited Korea during April-May and it was a wonderful memory. I have friends who are obsessed with K-pop and I am a k-drama person. We have been talking on visiting Korea together but it seems hard to happen due to our job and schedule. But I hope it will happen someday in future. 

Since we love Korean culture, we wish to speak Korean and learn more about Korea. This has motivated my friends and I to learn Korean. I used to learn the alphabets since high school from a friend but I didn’t continue after that. Now I am loving a Korean hit drama – Goblin 도깨비 and I decided to take back the course. I did some self learning from YouTube and Apps but the most effective way to learn would be sing Korean songs. 

I can do the romanization by myself and I copy the meaning from internet. 

This is one of the Original Sound Track from Goblin – “Stay with Me” by Chanyeol & Punch 

I will try to take the formal class and international Korean Language Test (TOPIK) 2 years later because I will out station for work next year and I can’t follow the class schedule.

P/s: Currently my phone is on its craziest stage and I need to get a new one. I will not be able to online all the time so if I do not reply your message, please forgive me.


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