[Review] Cosmos Pre-Glued Eye Lashes

Happy New Year 2017!

Thank you for following me and supporting me through this short journey. I  started this blog since 22nd July 2016 and I have the faith to keep writing something I love and share things and experiences. I foresee 2017 will be a busy year as I will outstation for working but I will try my best to write something. *Finger Cross*

Today I would like to share my first experience with my first pair of fake lashes. I bought this pair during Christmas promotion in Sasa and I tried out today just for fun. I have no party to attend and I need to work at home. *Yes, sad case*

The lashes are natural looking and they create an illusion that I wear eyeliner but I do not. This is because they come with the pre-glued thick black strips which are convenient to use.

Cosmos Pre-glued Eye Lashes

However, I dislike the black strips as the sticking power is not promising. I used the glue I bought together with this lashes and they stick securely! I really love this glue!

Koji Eyelash Fix Clear Glue

This is my look of the day. Of course I wash everything after that. Hahaha!

I put on some shadows, concealers and lip mousse. The lip mousse is a bomb! I will feature the lip mousse from Korea after this! Stay turn XOXO!


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