Do you believe in Reincarnation?

Watching Goblin the current hottest drama in Korea has been my favourite past time. The storyline is amazing because the screen writer Kim Eun Sook really does her detail research before she wrote this script. The story is about reincarnation, old Korean Legend and of course Karma. If you are a Buddhist, you can definitely understand what I am saying. I heard she created this drama especially for Gong Yoo because he does not want to be the actor in ordinary romance drama. 

What I am trying to say is I do believe in reincarnation. We Buddhist believe that we need to reborn again in this world in any kind of form until our merit has achieved. Then, we will free from suffering and live as immortal in other world. 

Everyone we meet in current life must have some kind relationships with us in previous life. We will meet again in future lives until we have no longer owe each other. If you suffer today because you were hurt by someone, maybe it is because you hurted him/her in your previous life. Karma will come, no matter it comes early or late. 

Fate (緣份) is destiny (注定)

We meet each other for a reason. (你我相見,必有因。)


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