[Review] LOOK AT ME Soft Matte Lip Mousse

Hey all, sorry I have been MIA for a while. Feeling not in the mood of writing because of busy schedule. Yesterday was my company annual dinner and I took drinks. However, I was able to drive back home after that. 😂

Goblin Episode 13 has made my mood worse after drinking as I had insomnia but we have three more episodes to go. Hopefully it has a good ending.

Today I would like to share a review on the lip mousse I mentioned last time in Cosmos False Lashes Review

Look At Me is a brand from Korea which I never heard before. I bought this together with Christmas gifts as it has promotion. It is quite pricey for a small item. The retail price is RM69.00, but you can get RM46.90 at

The weird thing is you can have SPF 10 in your lip mousse? It is the first lip mousse product I ever see which has sun protection. 

The packaging is so chic and expensive. I really love it.

I love the skinny applicator as it can be used to apply the product precisely on my lips.

The colour I got is #03 Love Chain. It is a pinky peach colour which is bright enough for my preference. 

The texture is smooth and soft. It does not have a super thick texture but it stay put for long hours. However, i will recommend you to use a lip liner as it tends to bleed a little if it did not dry completely. 

Overall I give 8/10 for this awesome lip product.


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