[Review] Son and Park Beauty Water

Hi all! Chinese New Year is around the corner and everyone wants to look great. I am in holiday mood now and lazy to work. Oh ya, I have started my first step to have proper online Korean class. I hope I can speak fluently in two years. 30 year old is a great time to move to Korea for working. 😁

Today I would like to introduce this awesome product which is raved by Korean since it was released. It is a new brand in Malaysia but I knew it since last year through Korean beauty YouTuber and Korea Famous Beauty Show – Get It Beauty. I bought this Son and Park Beauty Water [RM112.00 @ Althea Malaysia] during my trip to Korea but I decided to keep it until my Mamonde Rose Water runs out. 

Son and Park are famous Korean Makeup Artists

You can smell the mild citrus scent while using Beauty Water
The ingredients of Beauty Water
The packaging is simple yet chic

However, both of them have different functions. It is great for those who wear makeup everyday because it helps to prepare your skin for makeup and it can be used as the last step of makeup removal. Unlike Mamonde Rose Water, I recommend to use this beauty water with a cotton pad. You will know how dirty your face after wiping it.

Eiww, only 5 hours after I wash my face and this is what I have on my face

Besides Beauty Water and Beauty Gel, Son and Park have released cosmetics as well. Anyone has tried them before? Please leaves comments!

Overall I give 9/10 as the price is quite pricey. I can get two 250ml of Mamomde Rose Water with the price but I think it worth the price if you are a daily makeup user.  



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