Eyeshadow Palettes feat. Absolute New York Icon and In2it

Weekends pass by a little too fast and I wish to enjoy without works. But reality is always cruel. 😂 Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, but I prefer work life balance. 

Goblin is officially end and I miss the drama already. I bet in coming months I will not be able to wake up at 6 am just to watch an episode. Anyway, a 27 years old like me still have a little imagination with the main actor because he is just my cup of tea. 😘😍

Back to topic, today I would love to share the eyeshadow palettes I own in my life. As you all know, I am a skin care person. I love to splurge on skin cares because the skin is my image. A great skin with least amount of makeup enhances your look better than tons of makeup on face.

I do not use crazy eyeshadows colours. I always stick to earth and nude tones because I have yellow/warm skin tones. I love to wear only lipstick during my rushing days. However, there are days I spend more efforts to put on eye makeups.

The two palettes I own are In2it Eye Colour Palette in ESC01 Royale Regatta [RM22.77@Guardian Malaysia] and Absolute New York Icon (Exposed) Eyeshadow Palette [$18.72 @ Amazon]

In2it Eye Colour Palette

This is the first eyeshadow palette I own. I bought it because I need more colours for stage makeup during my university activities. However, I am not a person who suits purple eyeshadows and I dislike shiny finish eyeshadows. The colour I only use is the sparkly silver in the middle which I use to highlight my eyes inner conner.

Absolute New York Icon Palette

I bought this palette at Watsons Malaysia because it is affortable and it is a dupe for Naked Palette (At least it is similar to). The matte shadows are chalky but the shimmery shadows are great! The colours are easy to use and they are suitable for daily makeup. I personally think that RM50 is inexpensive! 

Overall I give 6.5/10 to In2it. I can’t deny the good pigmentation of this shadows but unfortunately purples are not my fave. Meanwhile, I give 7/10 to Absolute New York Icon as it is affortable, wearable and 12 colours for only RM50 are just amazing!


3 thoughts on “Eyeshadow Palettes feat. Absolute New York Icon and In2it

    1. I am thinking of buying Silky girl new eyeshadow palette as I never hsve pink/red eye shadows. South Korea seems to love red and pink colour shadows. Thank you for informing. Have you try the shadows from Elianto? I own two single shadows from Elianto and they have good quality.

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