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Hooked Eyes Problems

Hey all! Chinese New Year is a festive season where I overfeed my stomach and I got sick. Whatever it is, I am not ready for work yet. 😐

Back to topic. Today I want to discuss on my problems. If you know me, I hardly apply eye makeup unless I need it. Reason is simple : My eyeliner tends to smudge on me no matter what brands I used. Pencil liners and gels are the worst. Liquid eyeliners still can pass the test for a couple hours if I use the great one. However, I can’t use liquid eyeliner to tightline my eyes. 🤔

I have uneven eye lids and it is really hard to do my eye makeup. My right eye is always smaller and hooked while my left eye has better double eye lids.

Me in red. This photo was taken with my bff.

Do you have similar problems like mine? Please give some suggestions to solve this problem. *Fed up*


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