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Anti Ageing Starts from Mid 20s

I will turn 27 years old this coming October and I promise myself to take good care of my body and skin.

I know that not every woman affords to spend hundreds and thousands ringgit every month for salon facial treatment or buying expensive skincare but I believe we can own great skin if you follow these rules.

1. Eat heathier food

Even I have hard time to follow this particular rule as I really love junk food. During Chinese New Year I ate tons of oily and high carbs food and my stomach had hard time to digest them. My body weight increases, my skin becomes worse and I lose confidence. Then I realise I need to stick to heathier food to make myself happier and my stomach will not feel bloated.

2. Exercise

Everyone knows about this but how many people can do it continuously? No motivation right? I find my motivation through my Korean actor crush Gong Yoo by thinking how he can stay handsome and well built (fit but skinny at the same time) even he turns 38 this year? If he can, I can do it too. 🤣 Another motivation comes from people judgement. When there is person said: “You are fat.” to me, I will turn the negativity to positive motivation. 

3. Use the skincare that suits you, not according to brands.

“Oh, this brand is good to my skin, it definitely suits your skin too.” NO NO NO! Everyone has different skin types and do not listen blindly to recommendations and advertisment. I know it is hard to know which products suit your skin. That is why I suggest you to buy a sample size to try out before you buy a full size product. If you have sensitive skin, try to get products which are free from harsh chemicals like paraben, silicons, benzoyl peroxide and etc. 

Another thing is it is not necessary that all pricey products are good for your skin. All skin cares are formulated based on certain skin issues and you have to find out what are your skin problems.

There is one thing I learn from my 15 years of skincare journey – Keep your skin well hydrated no matter which skin types you own. Your skin will thank you later.

4. Adjust your skin care routine according to your skin type

Malaysia is summer and humid all the time, that is why it is easier for me as I do not need to adjust my routine too much. It is very hard to take good care of my skin during working on site as I will expose to sun for long hours and my skin in its worst condition. However, I will make sure my skin is well protected with sunscreen and at night I will keep my skin hydrated by putting mask or heavy moisturizer. Currently I work in office, so I will keep my skin care routine simple (Toner, eye cream, essence, and sunscreen). At night I will put on jojoba oil before go to bed.

For those who live in four seasons countries, you need to adjust your skin care routine according to your skin condition. I was in South Korea during April and May 2016 and I can feel my skin was dry and tight. Korea is low in humidity and I hardly sweat (which I really enjoy). In this kind of weather, I really need something which can moisturize my skin without feeling oily or sticky. I realised the reason why Korean loves to have dewy skin is because it makes them look healthy and well hydrated. Well, I look like a grease ball everyday in Malaysia. 😂

5. Change your skin care method

If you can’t see any signifcant results after trying severals types of skincare, it might be something wrong on your methods.

Every skin care product is created for a reason and it should be used correctly acording to sequences. For example. You use eye cream after you use heavy moisturizer on your face. Moisturizer creates a protective layer on your skin to prevent the essence and active particles from oxidising. If you use eye cream after that, the eye cream particles cannot pass through the barrier and it will not contact with your skin epidermis/dermis for further reaction/action. So, the eye cream is literally useless even you have applied “on your skin”.
It is advised by skin care expert to not wipe your face with tower after you wash your face because it will create prematured wrinkles on your face. Try to pat dry your skin and follow by your usual skin care routine. 

I hope these tips can help you to prolong your youthful skin and feel free to comments!


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