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Healthy Meal Challenge and Korean Language Learning

Hey all! Today is a great day because it is Thaipusam. Happy Thaipusam to all the Hindus and all the people who celebrate this festival. 

Since I live in Malaysia, I can enjoy the holiday as well. I have used my holiday to learn Korean through Skype with a teacher in Korea. I won this trial class by answering quiz from 247mytutor_korean and I get a chance to experience online learning program with a tutor, Miss Soohyun.

Miss Soohyun is a great teacher and she is friendly and lovely. I have learned sentence structure and grammar (future tense) with her. It is super fun as we talk casually and learning at the same time. Hopefully I can speak Korean fluently in two years. *Finger crossed*

After having a heavy feast in Chinese New Year, the pimples pop out on my face and I have suffered from bloated stomach. Thus, I have decided to cut down my carbs and become a vegetarian as long as I can. However, I need to cheat tonight as I am celebrating my bff belated birthday in a restaurant. 😂

Lunch and breakfast

But cheat meal is only available once a week so I will work harder and smarter in order to slim down and become healthier.
*Pimples are large and painful, especially the one around nose area, OUCH*


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