[Review] Good Virtues Co. Happy & Heavenly Clarifying Hair & Scalp Shampoo For Oily Hair

Good Virtues a local brand which makes skin care and body care. I never try any products from them except this shampoo. 

I bought this shampoo because there was a promotion and I got attracted by the cute and attractive packaging.

I have oily scalp and my hair tends to get oily faster with my little fine hair. Furthermore, due to the weather in Malaysia, I love to wash my hair every night before bed.

I do not stick to a shampoo for a long time, which means I love to change shampoos according to my own preference. However, I have a habit to finish a bottle of product before move to next. I used this organic black seed oil shampoo after Tsubaki Volume Touch and I do not like it as an everyday shampoo.

Same as its name – A clarifying shampoo, it tends to dry out my hair badly after each wash. I need to make sure I do a deep conditioner after washing my hair with this shampoo. Thus, it is not a everyday user friendly shampoo. However, if you have severe oily hair and scalp, it might suitable for you. Furthermore, for those who love to use texturizing spray, dry hair shampoo, gel, hair wax, hair clay wash on daily basis, you need to clarify your scalp by using a clarifying shampoo and this can be one of your options.

This organic black seed oil clarifying shampoo is free from any harsh chemicals such as SLES, ALES, Parabens and synthetic colourants. It is also not tested on animals. 

Overall I give it a 6/10. It does its jobs as a clarifying shampoo but it does not suitable for everyday use.


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