[Brand Introduction] Round A’Round 라운드어라운드

Never heard of this brand? I have Googled online and there is no information at all about this brand except all written in Korean. 

Round A’Round is a Korean brand and it is carried exclusively by Olive Young (A Pharmacy in Korea). It is slightly pricey but the products are great. Their products include skin cares, home fragrances and perfumes. I bought a skin care set and a roll-on Eau De Parfum (Limited Edition) during my trip to Korea and I am in love!

Skin Scent is my current favourite perfume. It smells like a baby powder but it has a hint of floral scent. It is hard to describe but for me, it smells classy and expensive. In fact it is a creation by Maison de Parfum Séoul which creates luxurious fragrances. This is a wonderful scent and I must say it is my version of Chanel No. 5. 

However, the Eau de Parfum (A set of roll-on perfume and a hand cream) is no longer available and you can get the Eau de Cologne at ₩28000/80ml at Olive Young. There are so many great reviews from the buyers in Korea. Please check them on the website if you want to know more. Google Translate is a great helper. 😀

For the skin products, I really love the luxurious packaging, which all the bottles are made from blur glasses. I bought this serum set at around ₩46000 and the first impression was great!

The magnolia serum has a watery consistency which can be absorbed onto my skin instantly. It definitely provides instant aqua boost and my skin looks well-hydrated and healthy.

Photo credit- Olive Young

Meanwhile, the hydrator acts as lotion or essence to prepare our skin for better serum absorption. There is an instruction on how to use the products – mix 2:1 ratio of hydrator and serum and apply on skin. If you have dry skin or during winter, additional cream/oil based moisturizer is neccessary to keep your face hydrated all the time. 

Our left – Hydrator ; Our right – Magnolia Serum

I will make sure I write a review on these items after I use them for a longer period. 
Another fun products from this brand are the banana and strawberry body wash and lotion which are designed to have the same packaging as the popular drinks in Korea. Super cute!

If you are interested to know more on this awesome brand, you can check the details on the website or you can follow IG at @roundaround_official


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