[Review] Nivea Hydration Makeup Clear 3 in 1 Foam

3 in 1? Sounds great though! Especially for busy people like us, we need to get quick, easy and efficient products.

Today I would like to review on Nivea Hydration Makeup Clear 3 in 1 Foam [RM15.66 @ Guardian Malaysia]. Honestly I bought this product because it claims to clean makeup by using a normal face wash. 

When I tried it for the first time, I was so disappointed as it does not produce foam at all. For me, it feels like a cleansing milk instead of a cleansing foam. However, it is gentle on my skin and it does not break me out.

My first intention was not using this cleansing foam as a makeup remover, but since I wear sunscreen everyday, a good cleanser will be essential to clean my face. I cannot judge the efficiency of this face wash in daily use so I decided to do a test!

On my hand, there are [from our left] liquid lipstick, moisturizing lipstick, eye liner, highlighter and contour cream.

The “white line” above these makeups is Nivea Cleansing Foam.

I add few drops of water and massage for a minutes. Again, I am so disappointed with the result. There are only two products which are completely dissolved. 

What?! This has proven no facial wash can remove makeup effectively. It is better to double cleanse than having makeup residue on your face. No thanks!

I will continue to use this fash wash but I definitely will not buy it again.

Rate: 5/10 


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