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Watsons Haul 04032017

Hey all! Yesterday was a long day. I sent my car to service center in the morning and then did some shopping after watching Logan. Logan is amazing! Rate: 10/10! Nobody can replace Hugh Jackman!

Back to topic, I am moving to new place for work this month and I will be very busy. I might not be able to upload frequently but I will definitely update whenever I can.

These items are the products I bought for my trip. All prices shown are not including 6% tax.

(A) Mentholatum Lip Ice Tinted Lip Balm [RM10.00 | 3.5g ]

Mentholatum is doing a good promotion on this product and it receives good feedback from customers. The packaging is super cute, but I am yet to try the product. I will write a review after I use it for longer time.

(B) Skin Doctors Cosmeceuticals Eyecircle Eye Cream [Promotion Price: RM99.50| 15ml]

I am super excited about this eye cream. This pharmacy standard skin care is made in Australia and it claims to reduce dark circle in just weeks! The original price is RM199.oo which is pricey but Watsons has 50% promotion now. Grab it fast if you want to try it too.

I am not working in beauty sector so I can’t tell professionally these ingredients are affective or not. I will try it and let you know. 

(C) Mandom Facial Collagen Supple Skin Foam Type [Rm10.71 | 150g]

Holy cow! I do enjoy Japanese drugstore brands such as Mentholatum and Mandom because their products are great yet super affordable. This facial wash is only RM10.71 for 150ml?! I always have good impression on their products so I have good feeling on this face wash. *finger crossed*

(D) Senka Perfect whip Facial Foam [RM12.51 | 120g]

Finally! If you read my previous post on Sunscreens, I have mentioned about the No.1 face wash in Japan, which is this Perfect Whip Facial Foam. I purposely bought it for review and I have a feeling it will be on my top 5 drugstores facial wash. *Hint: Future post is coming*

(E) Naturals by Watsons Prestige Rose Body Lotion [RM15.44 | 490ml] 

I decided to give Watsons brand a try because I have good impression on the hair care line. The price is more affordable compared to other brands and I love rose scent. There is no reason I shouldn’t try it.

(F) Sunkiller Perfect Water Cool Sunscreen SPF 50+ PA++++ [RM28.71 | 50g]

Another product from Mandom and this sunscreen attracts my attention because it claims to be outdoor friendly and it has cooling effect! Oh, this is perfect for my outdoor work.

(G) Hisamitsu Salonpas Pain Relieving Patch [RM16.69 | 40 pcs]

My favourite muscle pain reliever patch. Ok, I admit I am a weird muscle pain reliever patch and cream sucker. I use them for everything to relief my fever and headache, relief my muscle pain and as a mosquito repellant (super effective though). I have good reaction with any kind of reliever with Menthol and methyl Salicylate. 

Hopefully you all enjoy my haul. XOXO


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