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Do You Need Anti-Perspirant?

Lately I am having a mood swing. Reason: Work tension + Sickness × PMS

With a brain that works even when I sleep, I dreamed about thousand of ridiculous things. Miscarriage, having a baby, meet new friends which I never know them in reality, etc etc.

I am going to work on site starting from this month. No, this is not my first time on site, but it is my first time to work as a mechanical engineer, all alone with supervisors under my instructions. For your information, I took chemical engineering course in university but I do not work in the field. Reason? I just follow the flow. I enjoy my current work and I have so many things to learn.

Anyway, today I want to discuss on anti-perspirant. I read a lot of articles on how carcinogenic deodorant/anti perspirant can be but I believe this product is made for purpose. I am a sweaty girl and the awful smell is really disturbing. I try to avoid anti-perspirant and deodorant when I work in office but since I am going to site, I buy a couple for preparation.

My favourites are Dove Go Fresh Cucumber Green Tea Scent Roll On [RM8.04 | 40ml @ Guardian Malaysia] and Rexona Powder Dry Roll On [RM7.18 | 50ml @Guardian Malaysia].


  1. Dove smells better but the lasting power is less than Rexona.
  2. Dove does not dry out my skin but Rexona does.
  3. Rexona is cheaper and you can get duo pack for around RM12.00.

Do you use anti perspirant? YES? NO? Why? Do you have any other great deodorant to introduce to me? Please let me know!

I have prepared for the worst because based on my previous experience, I gained 10kg, my skin burned and tanned, I had bad temper during working on site but I wish I can control myself better this time.

*Finger Crossed*


6 thoughts on “Do You Need Anti-Perspirant?

  1. I transitioned from antiperspirant to deodorant last year. My main fear stems from the lymph nodes being located in the armpits. I’m a sweaty beast but I’ve been able to make deodorants work for me now. My current favourite is Lavanila.
    You can read about my journey here:

    Good luck with the on-site work – I’m sure you will get accustomed to it in no time!

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    1. Love your post on the deodorant! I will try to get it in Malaysia. Actually I tried a non carcinogenic deodorant before but it does not work well like a usual deodorant.
      Thank you for the wish! I will work hard and smart on site. 😉


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