[Review] Dr. Wu Hydrating System Intensive Hydrating Serum with Hyaluronic Acid 

It has been a while since I posted a beauty review. The life is getting busier because of work but I promised myself to post whenever I can.

Today I want to do a review on Dr. Wu Hydrating System Intensive Hydrating Serum with Hyaluronic Acid [15ml | (Promotion Price) RM150 for 2 @ Sasa Malaysia].

I bought this serum at Sasa Malaysia during December and you can check my haul here. I love Dr. Wu products years ago and the Hydrating System line is one of the best sellers. 

It states that it is suitable for all skin type, especially for people who have sensitive skin. Like most of the serums, it is used right after cleansing and toner, before moisturizer. It has active yeast extract which I believe it is great for regenerating skin cells. However, it has an artificial scent which I do not like. Fortunately the scent fades after it is absorbed into the skin. 

The packaging looks expensive even it is made from plastic. 

I really love beauty products which come with pump as it is more convenient and hygienic to handle. However, I personally think that too much product has been pumped out at once. It is not economic friendly since this serum has only 15 ml of product.

The serum is clear and has watery consistency. It works amazingly on skin as it can be absorbed in seconds! Yes, in seconds! My skin is boosted with moisture and I love to feel my skin after apply this serum. 

After this serum, don’t forget to seal it with great moisturizer. My current favourite is Innisfree Orchid Enriched Cream [50ml | RM89.00 @ Althea Malaysia]. 

Hint: My current skin care routing is coming up next.

Point: 8/10

I give it 8/10 because it is awesome but at the same time, quite pricey. I can get my another favourite serum Innisfree Orchid Enriched Serum at lower price [30ml | RM96.00 @ Althea Malaysia]. 


2 thoughts on “[Review] Dr. Wu Hydrating System Intensive Hydrating Serum with Hyaluronic Acid 

  1. I love beauty products in pump too – but yeah, when they pump out too much, I feel like the company did that on purpose so I’d waste more product! 😛
    This sounds like a lovely product – I’ve not heard of this brand before.

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