Why Cushion Foundation is Not My Choice?

It has been a long period since I write a post but since I feel tension lately, I need a distraction and the best distraction will be writing.

Cushion Foundation has been a popular trend in makeup world but I am not into it at all. There will be a lot of beauty geeks comment on this but there are reasons why I do not prefer them.

  1.  There are very limited colours. Normally Korean cushion has only two tones, which are No. 21 and No. 23. Both of them are way too light for my skin colour.
  2. There is only 15g of product but it costs the same as a 30g liquid foundation.
  3. I prefer matte finish foundation and most of them are dewy finish foundation.
  4. It is not hygienic as most of us will not clean the foundation puff after each use.

However, I can’t deny I was tempted to try one as it is convenient but since I am working on site now, foundation is unnecessary. 

What do you think sbout cushion foundation? Let me know! 


6 thoughts on “Why Cushion Foundation is Not My Choice?

  1. I’ve started drafting a post to rant about cushion foundations and your 4 points are exactly the reasons why I don’t like them either! I’m so glad someone else out there share my thoughts. I bought one to try and I feel like a fool. 😛

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