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[Review] Lucido-L Hair Milk (Soft Wave)

This is a hair product which I own for years but never really talk about it.

Lucido-L is a Japanese hair care brand under Mandom Corp and they are famous for making good yet affordable products. For your information, I have super fine hair and my hair tends to get oily pretty easily. However, my hair frizz is annoying me especially after fresh wash. My hair looks terrible in the morning and I need to get anti frizzing product which is non greasy and smells great.

That is why I love this Hair Milk (Soft Curls) [RM17.01 |200ml @ Watsons Malaysia] from Lucido-L. This product is created to produce soft curls but since I have super fine hair, it does not hold curls.

However, this does not upset me because I prefer natural straight hair instead of curly hair. My favourite part on this hair product is the scent. The green floral scent has my attention and my hair smells great all the time! I really love it!

Like mentioned, the consistency is similar to milk, and it applies smoothly and non sticky on hair. You can finger comb your hair to ensure even application and your hair will smell great for hours!

I give this product a 8/10 and I hope you will like it too!


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