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[Review] Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask Black Berry

Before bed I would like to share my thought on this sheet mask which I bought in Korea more than 1 year ago. Yeah, it is kinda old but recently I brought them from home and use in my hostel.

If you read my blog, you already know I adore Innisfree. However , I have stopped purchasing any new sheet masks because it is not environmental friendly. I prefer sleeping mask or wash off mask better in terms of good results, good price and of course less waste.

I bought 20 sheet masks for around  ₩12000 if not mistaken and it is really cheap! I brought only 10 sheet masks because I am lazy to use them. Haha! Actually I have another 10 masks from Naruko. The packaging is simple and elegant. I like it.

On the packaging it claims to provide full nourishment to skin to keep skin healthy. My skin feels calm and soothing after using it. Another thing I love is the mild black berry scent. I feel relax and easy to fall asleep.

Unlike normal sheet mask, the liquid serum/essence is white in colour. I think this is my first sheet mask with milky texture essence. I do not hate it nor like it. As long as it does what it claims, I love it.

Overall I give 8/10 because it feels great on my skin. But, it does not provide significant results after use.

If you want to try this mask, you can get it at Innisfree Malaysia.


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