[Review] Dr. Morita Moisturizing Anti-Oxidant Facial Mask

Sorry guys, I take too long to return but I tried my best to update whenever I am free.

Today I would like to share my thoughts on this Dr. Morita Moisturizing Anti-Oxidant Mask. My sister bought me this mask when she travelled to Taiwan. If you want to get all kind of masks from Dr. Morita in Malaysia, you can get it from Guardian Malaysia.

If you never heard of Dr. Morita, it is a famous medical skin care brand which specialize in producing amazing sheet masks in Taiwan.

There are 8 sheets in this box of masks, 28g each . It claims to use Japan imported thin tencel fibre sheet mask and high concentrated hyaluronic acid.

Besides HA, this mask contains rose extract, barley extract, cucumber essence, seaweed/algae, aloe vera, comfrey, witch hazel, ceramides and vitamin E. All these great ingredients are good for moisturizing.

The mask essence is clear and very watery. Thus, you have to act quick to avoid wastage. It does not have any scent which I really like. I definitely recommend to those who have fragrance allergy.

I give this mask a 7/10 as it moisturizes my skin really well. It does not irritate my skin However, a long term usage is a must to see significant results.


3 thoughts on “[Review] Dr. Morita Moisturizing Anti-Oxidant Facial Mask

    1. Yes! I believe you will like it. Asian skin care products always have HA as the key ingredients.

      Btw, I need your suggestion on underarm brightening cream/kit/home remedies. I am so desperate for brightening my armpits as I have a lot of ingrown hair.

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      1. I don’t know about brightening, but for ingrown hairs, you can use BHA products on your underarms to exfoliate the skin. I have used BHA liquid on my underarms before and it works well. Or you can use physical exfoliation like scrubs or loofahs. 🙂

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