[Wash Off Masks Review] Freeman Mint + Lemon Clay Mask & Shills Black Gel Mask

Hello friends! Here I introduce you the wash off masks I am using lately – Freeman Mint + Lemon Clay Mask [175ml | RM23.21 @ Watsons Malaysia] and Shills Black Gel Mask [150ml | RM49.90 @ Watsons Malaysia] .

If you follow my post, you have already known I am a wash off mask girl. Reasons?

  • Cost effective
  • Eco friendly compared to sheet masks
  • Efficient

Even though wash off masks do not stay on our skin for a long time but they can provide instant moisture, brightening and exfoliation in short time.

My skin is terrible due to UV which I cannot avoid while working on site and I have hormonal breakout once a month. My thirsty skin is craving for hydration and also detox for my damaged skin.

I owned a few wash off masks before and one of them is Freeman Avocado & Oatmeal Clay Mask. I have love hate relationship with it [Review here] but I have good impression on this lemon + mint mask. It dries faster and it helps to brighten my skin at the same time.

Similar to the avocado & oatmeal mask, the mask is green in colour. The lemony scent is strong, but not overwhelming. However, it might not suitable for people who dislike citrus scent.

Overall I give a 8/10 for this mask.

Meanwhile, out of my expectation, Shills Charcoal Black Gel Mask does not dry out my skin.

I suppose this is because it is a gel mask but not a peeling gel mask. My intention was to get Charcoal Peel Off Black Mask instead for my armpit brightening experiment (yes, I bought these masks for my armpit desperation, but I think they do not work well). Fortunately both masks are great for my face and my money is not wasted.

The ingredients are great for skin and I think they should be good on skin brightening as well (Arbutin & papaya extracts)? Not gonna lie, I have huge expectation on this product.

The packaging is made of plastic but does not look cheap. When I put on this gel mask for the first time, it slightly heated up a little, and then faded after 5 minutes. I can’t see massive difference after each use but it definitely working on moisturizing my skin.

Overall I give 8/10 as well. Hopefully they work well for my armpits too. *Pray hard* *Laugh harder*


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